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Lists of races in NE England


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This page is retained because it has stuff about my early running days.

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Photo of me at 0640hrs waiting for the start of the Marabana (Havana Half Marathon)

We swing ungirded hips, 
And lightened are our eyes. 
The rain is on our lips, 
We do not run for prize. 
We know not whom we trust 
Nor witherward we fare, 
But we run because we must 
  Through the great, wide air.

The waters of the seas 
Are troubled as by storm. 
The tempest strips the trees 
And does not leave them warm. 
Does the tearing tempest pause? 
Do the tree-tops ask it why? 
So we run without a cause 
  'Neath the big, bare sky.

The rain is on our lips, 
We do not run for prize. 
But the storm the water whips 
And the wave howls to the skies. 
The winds arise and strike it 
And scatter it like sand, 
And we run because we like it 
  Through the broad, bright land. 

Charles Hamilton Sorley (1895-1915)

My obsession with road running began on 11th March 2001 when I began training with 8 others from the IT Service at the University of Durham. We called ourselves ITS Club 9. We did our first race on 9th June 2001.

Since then until November 2004, I was racing almost every week. By July 2003, I had done 100 races. There's a web page describing my 100th race.

In November 2004, I entered my 149th race, the 2004 Marabana, a half marathon in Havana, Cuba. Even though I developed a knee injury after 2K, the race went well. However, the problem with the knee did not go away, and for three years I didn't train/race. However, I've recently started training and racing again.

In March 2005, after having been in Durham for 19 years, I moved to Oxford. Here is a link to a web page describing my enjoyment of running in North East England and my thanks to those involved. Even though I've been in Oxford for many years, I am still maintaining these web pages. Their new home is:

The photo on the right was taken at about 0640hrs before the start of the 2004 Marabana (a half marathon in Havana, Cuba). Thanks to John Dix (of Handsworth Roadhogs) for the photo.

I have a web page containing photos I took of the competitors of the 2003 Kielder Wild Race.

In my early days of running, I came across Sorley's poem given on the right. It sums up my attitude to running, especially the bits about the countryside and the weather.

I like it when people take photos of me running in races, but the photos don't usually show me with elegance! Here are some of these photos:

Here are some more photos: