Training sessions for Steve

                f: forwards, r: reverse                         j: Janet, a: Aaron, b: Barry, s: Sebastian, u: Stuart, v: Steve, d: Andrew p: Paul                 go to main page

gpmap length f/r course runners       date       time pace
gpmap 4.02M f bottom Parks path, Cherwell west bank, duck pond, top Parks path, middle Parks path, Pooh Sticks bridge, SE path, Edgeway Road, northern Paths exit, Fyfield Road, Norham Road, Banbury Road uv 2008-02-26 39m00s 9m42s
gpmap 3.56M f middle Parks path, Marston Brook path, Raymund Road, Mortimer Drive, Fairfax Avenue, Rippington Drive, Old Marston Road, Croft Road, across Edgeway road, bottom Parks path jabuvd 2008-02-19 34m34s 9m43s
gpmap 2.98M f bottom Parks path, Edgeway Road, Pooh Sticks bridge, duck pond, northern Exit, Fyfield Road, cycle path, ten-foot/snicket into Park Town, Park Town itself, Banbury Road, Parks Road, Keble Road jbsuv 2008-02-07 29m18s 9m50s
gpmap 2.6M f Keble Road, Parks Road, Norham Gardens, Bradmore Road, Crick Road, Fyfield Road, northern Parks entrance, around duck pond, over Pooh Sticks bridge, NE path, SE path, to Edgeway Road, back along the bottom Parks path, Keble Road jabsv 2008-02-05 25m00s 9m37s