The Kennet and Avon Canal

In October 2008 I walked the Kennet and Avon Canal. Use the links below to get details of this walk.

Each day's page includes a map of where I walked. From time to time during the day, I used SMS to add a message to the page and a pushpin to the map to indicate where I currently was. I didn't use a GPS device but instead put the OS grid reference into my message. My phone is ancient and so I didn't have (nor wanted) any Internet access and so scarily I didn't see whether all of it was working. It did except on one day when there was a software problem which I sorted out when I got home.

Each day's page also has a link to that day's photos. Each photo has a longish title explaining what was happening.

I enjoyed the trip immensely. If you are one of the boat people I met whilst walking, then thanks again for your company. Please let me know you visited these web pages. And also e-mail me if you have any comments on the pages. You can contact me by e-mail. Thanks.

day date start finish Canal ons offs total
Day 1 Sat 6th September 2008 Reading Theale6.501.000.758.25
Day 2 Sun 7th September 2008 Theale Thatcham8.500.75 9.25
Day 3 Mon 8th September 2008 Thatcham Kintbury9.00  9.00
Day 4 Tue 9th September 2008 Kintbury Great Bedwyn7.75  7.75
Day 5 Wed 10th September 2008 Great Bedwyn Pewsey8.75 0.509.25
Day 6 Thu 11th September 2008 Pewsey Bishops Cannings8.750.500.309.55
Day 7 Fri 12th September 2008 Bishops Cannings Seend Cleeve7.500.308.10
Day 8 Sat 13th September 2008 Seend Cleeve Bradford on Avon7.250.300.307.85
Day 9 Sun 14th September 2008 Bradford on Avon Bath8.750.30 9.05
total 72.75  78.05

The route appears on Ordnance Survey Explorer map numbers 155 to 159.

These web pages also provide details about the public transport that can be used to do the route. It assumes that you will want to start and end in Radley each day. (Radley is a small village between Oxford and Abingdon.) You'll have to do some homework if you want to do this yourself as you probably live somewhere else! Although examples are given for September 2008, similar buses/trains can probably be found for other times of the year.

This is my fourth year of doing an annual walk around here. In September 2005, I walked the D'Arcy Dalton Circular, in August 2006 I walked The Oxfordshire Way and in October 2007 I invented and walked The South Oxfordshire Way.

Barry Cornelius
September 2008