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Understanding Java: Chapter 21

These pages contain links to the programs that are developed in Chapter 21. The title of this chapter is: Looking briefly at other topics.
PopImplProg.javaA program that tests the Pop interface and the PopImpl class
PopFactory.javaThe interface for the factory PopFactory
PopFactoryImpl.javaThe class that implements the factory PopFactory
ClockApplet.javaUsing the Clock thread in the ClockApplet program
ContinuousClockApplet.javaUsing the Runnable interface
Clock.javaProviding a thread class that repeatedly updates a textfield
ClockStdout.javaOverriding Thread's run method
ClockProg.javaUsing the Clock thread in the ClockProg program
ClockStdoutProg.javaUsing ClockStdout to start a new thread

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