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Understanding Java: Chapter 14

These pages contain links to the programs that are developed in Chapter 14. The title of this chapter is: Manipulating collections: lists, queues and stacks.
Queue.javaThe Queue interface
LinkedQueue.javaThe LinkedQueue class
PersonLinkedQueueProg.javaA program that tests the Queue interface and the LinkedQueue class
Stack.javaThe Stack interface
LinkedStack.javaThe LinkedStack class
Infix.javaThe Infix class represents an infix expression
ToReversePolishProg.javaToReversePolish reads infix and outputs reverse Polish
EggTimer.javaA class for measuring the time taken to perform operations
ListTimes.javaA program to measure the performance of operations on lists
ExamineList.javaReading a file containing a list and asking the user to examine it

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